Ever looked at a mountain and just thought about its formation?
Ever looked at how the waves kiss the shore?
Ever looked at how the sun rises and sets?
Ever looked at how a parent kisses a child, or a how a baby smiles so innocently?
Ever watched how eagles fly?
Ever lied down on a pitch black night and observed the stars? Wishing? Hoping?
Ever dived into the sea and marvel how come there is an entire world beneath?
Ever looked at her eyes and just thought to yourself how lucky you are?

I think this is what beauty is. It is quiet. It is not loud or tries too hard. It is not complicated. It will be seen when it wants to be seen. It is a discovery.

How come something so beautiful can be so simple? But that is the thing.

Inspired by a quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”

I want you to fall


I want you to fall for me.
So that you will understand how hard it is.
So that you will understand the pain you put me through.

I want you to fall for me.
To think about me every minute of every day.
To think about me in circumstances and situations like a ghost hovering on you.

I want you to fall for me.
Just maybe a little bit.
Just to make you turn into a fool too.

I want you to fall for me,
And cry because I don’t return your feelings.
And mourn because it is not meant to be.

I want you to fall for me,
So I won’t catch you.
So I can break you.

I want you to fall for me,
Not her.
Not that girl that I don’t stand a chance against with.

I want you to fall for me.
And hope you go straight through the pavement with a crash landing.
Because I want revenge.

See what you did? To me?

I want you to fall for me.
And lose yourself in the process.
And die a little bit inside.

I want you to fall.

Liebster Awards


Taking a break from the emo-ness of this blog and just want to thank Teresa ( for nominating me for this! It is an award for new bloggers so here we go!

To Teresa, I would like to APOLOGIZE that it took me, what, like 2 months to answer this nomination. Im so sorry. I think this one is closed already (haha!) but I will still join. Thanks for always commenting on my posts and also giving me great sound advice. I love reading your entries and getting inspired by your beautiful pictures and blog.

1. Which place in the world you like the most?

In my travels I really loved Japan. Tokyo and Kyoto are such wonderful cities. The people are so pleasant and nice and everyone is so accommodating.

I would like to travel to Europe someday though. I am saving up for it. They say Prague is so underrated for its beauty. So I want to check it out.

2. For what reason have you decided to run a blog?

This blog is a product of a love struck hopeless romantic delusional girl. 😉 I started having some intense feelings for someone and decided to put it in writing. It makes me cope up. Almost all the emotional, unrequited feel of my entries here is dedicated to that guy. Goodness I sound creepy now am I?

But I want to make it grow and be more of an inspirational blog. I just need to have a new camera and walk outside more to get some snap shots.

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Some switch should never have been turned on. I was used to the dark. I was used to being alone. Then you came, turned on the switch, and suddenly everything became clearer. Suddenly everything connected. 

Little did I know that you will turn off that switch too.

I was used to the dark. But now, I long for that light that you cannot give me. But now, I feel lonelier because I’ve met you.

A query to the gentlemen.


Well here it goes.

There is this guy that I like. I think we can hit it off. He talks about his dreams and desires with me… He said I am cool. He said I am a genuine friend.

In all honesty I thought I could be someone special in his life. After all, he said I was cool. After all he said I am a genuine friend. Then why is it that if we are with other people he keeps on flirting with other girls, even if it is a joke, but not with me? He makes innuendos with them, but with me it is some serious conversation – conversations about life and dreams and fears.

My delusions are saying maybe it is I that he really wants. He does not make a move because he likes me too. But who am I kidding.

Gentlemen who will read this, I am in the friendzone, am I?



I am slowly waking up to the harsh reality that nothing can come between us. Why is it I am more inquisitive – asking anything and everything just to hold on to you? Why is it I am more invested?

But then you… You never asked anything about me. Even if I try to open up you pull away. This hurts.

I am ready to face this. I am ready to stop the fantasies. I don’t want to be a fool.

Beauty in Sadness.


I think I know why artists are drawn to depression.

There is something in that area that pulls you and makes you really artistic. There is beauty in sadness if eloquently put into words or poems. And when others can relate to it, it is as if the artist or writer and the audience are one. There are intense longing and emotions that you could not say until it is tapped only by the deepest cut.



Judging people has devastating effects. When my pride kicks in I create walls in order to not get to know the people I am jealous of. But if I am being truthful, it is because I am intimidated. I want to be them but I can’t. So they, in turn, become an unspoken enemy.

However, given the chance, they are completely different from the demon I created in my head. I am just insecure, and it is ugly and awful.