Liebster Awards


Taking a break from the emo-ness of this blog and just want to thank Teresa ( for nominating me for this! It is an award for new bloggers so here we go!

To Teresa, I would like to APOLOGIZE that it took me, what, like 2 months to answer this nomination. Im so sorry. I think this one is closed already (haha!) but I will still join. Thanks for always commenting on my posts and also giving me great sound advice. I love reading your entries and getting inspired by your beautiful pictures and blog.

1. Which place in the world you like the most?

In my travels I really loved Japan. Tokyo and Kyoto are such wonderful cities. The people are so pleasant and nice and everyone is so accommodating.

I would like to travel to Europe someday though. I am saving up for it. They say Prague is so underrated for its beauty. So I want to check it out.

2. For what reason have you decided to run a blog?

This blog is a product of a love struck hopeless romantic delusional girl. 😉 I started having some intense feelings for someone and decided to put it in writing. It makes me cope up. Almost all the emotional, unrequited feel of my entries here is dedicated to that guy. Goodness I sound creepy now am I?

But I want to make it grow and be more of an inspirational blog. I just need to have a new camera and walk outside more to get some snap shots.

3. What do you hate the most?

People who are not true and who will talk behind your back.

4. If life were a song, it would be…

Fresh Feeling by the Eels

5. Do you believe in destiny?

YES! But I also believe that you make your own destiny. You can wait for the opportunities, but you can also assist those opportunities. I like believing in chances. There is something romantic in it – random, accidental, unplanned. But on the other end, you have to do something too.

6. What is the most common tradition in your country?

In the Philippines, the younger generation puts the backhand of the elders to their forehead as a form of greeting and respect. This greeting is called “mano.”

7. What is your dream job?

– Being paid to watch films and just that, watch films. Not even write a review or anything, just watch films.

– Being paid to write whatever topic I want

– To be a motivational speaker

– To travel the world, enjoy life, and get paid for it

8. Beer or wine?


9. How do you feel about adrenaline sports?

Love it! Im an adventurous kind of person and so I will truly try these sports out.

10. Tea or coffee?


11. Do you make a New Year’s resolution?

No. 😉 But I did told myself to go to the gym this year so I can have abs haha! As for making a list? I think eventually Ill forget it.

11 Facts About Myself

1. I am 30 years old

2. I love surfing. I caught that bug.

3. I work in Finance in a Logistics company

4. My favorite movie is Chungking Express by Wong Kar Wai

5. I dont have a favorite book yet (still searching) but Blood Meridian is close to becoming *it*

6. I moved from the Philippines to Kuala Lumpur 3 years ago

7. I am a huge fan of Christian Bale. It started when I was 11 seeing him as Laurie in Little Women. I followed his career ever since.

8. I collect postcards so if you guys want to send me one tell me!

9. My idol in life is the former guitarist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, John Frusciante

10. I am so bad at follow throughs. I love making lists and plans but executions? Im terrible at it.

11. I’ve never been into a relationship before soooooo… Yeah.

*As for my nominees!*

Ok, I know I am totally defeating the purpose of this nomination, but I checked out the list of people I follow and are following me and almost everyone has a whole lot of followers already!

So Im going to ask if ANYONE out there wants to be nominated? Please tell me and I will totally nominate you.

Is this allowed? 😱 Ill probably edit this tomorrow too (it is 2am here!) and need to think about it!

Here are my questions to the people I will nominate tomorrow (just tell me if you want to be nominated, please!)

1. How do you define home?

2. Hotel or hostel?

3. What is the stupidest/most courageous/most insane thing you did for love?

4. What is one item that you just have to carry around with you?

5. Who is your favorite director?

6. Who is your current celebrity crush?

7. State a fun memory you recall.

8. What is your life philosophy/life verse?

9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Explain why :p

10. Do you know how to cook?

11. Are you close to your family?


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