Liebster Awards


Taking a break from the emo-ness of this blog and just want to thank Teresa ( for nominating me for this! It is an award for new bloggers so here we go!

To Teresa, I would like to APOLOGIZE that it took me, what, like 2 months to answer this nomination. Im so sorry. I think this one is closed already (haha!) but I will still join. Thanks for always commenting on my posts and also giving me great sound advice. I love reading your entries and getting inspired by your beautiful pictures and blog.

1. Which place in the world you like the most?

In my travels I really loved Japan. Tokyo and Kyoto are such wonderful cities. The people are so pleasant and nice and everyone is so accommodating.

I would like to travel to Europe someday though. I am saving up for it. They say Prague is so underrated for its beauty. So I want to check it out.

2. For what reason have you decided to run a blog?

This blog is a product of a love struck hopeless romantic delusional girl. 😉 I started having some intense feelings for someone and decided to put it in writing. It makes me cope up. Almost all the emotional, unrequited feel of my entries here is dedicated to that guy. Goodness I sound creepy now am I?

But I want to make it grow and be more of an inspirational blog. I just need to have a new camera and walk outside more to get some snap shots.

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