A query to the gentlemen.


Well here it goes.

There is this guy that I like. I think we can hit it off. He talks about his dreams and desires with me… He said I am cool. He said I am a genuine friend.

In all honesty I thought I could be someone special in his life. After all, he said I was cool. After all he said I am a genuine friend. Then why is it that if we are with other people he keeps on flirting with other girls, even if it is a joke, but not with me? He makes innuendos with them, but with me it is some serious conversation – conversations about life and dreams and fears.

My delusions are saying maybe it is I that he really wants. He does not make a move because he likes me too. But who am I kidding.

Gentlemen who will read this, I am in the friendzone, am I?